Friday, November 26, 2004

Dum Phukt

I had the opportunity to eat at Dum Phukt last week. Actually, I ate their twice last week. While the first meal was great, the second one seemed too similar to the first and hence wasn't that great.

17th Nov 2004, Meal 1:
The 4 of us ordered:
2 Kakori Kebabs
1 Hara Kabab
1 Rogan Josh
1 Chicken Dum Phukt
2 Nans
2 glassed of wine at 500/- each

At the end of it, we paid about 7000/- for the meal and about 17000 for the bottle of wine we ordered while we were waiting for the table. It was a Brunello di Montalcino We started drinking the wine at about 8PM and finished the bottle around 10:30PM. Inspite of pouring the wine in a decanter, we felt that we could have given the wine more time to breathe. It was an awesome bottle of wine.

In all, this was a fantastic meal. At 25000/- it seemed a little expensive though.

I must mention that the wine list at the Maurya is a little misleading. They did not have the OPUS 1 or the Insignia for the year mentioned on the wine list. In fact, it took them a good 10 minutes to locate the Brunello. This was actually good service compared to what we were subjected to 2 days later.

19th Nov 2004, Meal 2

Again, as a part of another party of 4, we went to Dum Phukt; this time with reservations. I sat at the same table I sat 2 nights ago. We ordered:

1 Kakori Kebab
1 Hara Kebab
1 Dudiya Kebab
1 Dal (from Bukhara)
1 Nan
1 Kulcha, Aloo
1 Raan
1 Chicken Dum Phukt

We also ordered a bottle of wine. This time the bottle cost us only 6000/- . I think we ordered the Amarone but I am not sure. We looked at the wine list for good 30 minutes before one of us decided that we were going to order the amarone. We asked the waiter to get us the bottle. It took the waiter 3 tries and over 45 minutes to get us the bottle we wanted. They kept bringing us a wine that was not on the list!

The wine finally arrived when we were halfway done through the starters. The starters were consistent and excellent, just like the first time. Although the novelty was not there anymore. This is probably why I do not consider meal 2 to be memorable. The raan was not good, the texture was too strange for me.

I think we paid about 6800/- for the food and about 7500/- for the assorted drinks.