Sunday, September 12, 2004


We went to Bukhara last night.

We got in at 7:50PM. Got our table at 8:50PM and were out of the restaurant by 10:00PM. It seems that it is really difficult to skip the queue at Bukhara. I did see Mr. Mehta jump the queue. He got a table for 2 in 20 minutes, when everyone else had to wait for 50m - 1 hr to get a table.

Clearly he had a good relation with the usher.

We were 5 and we ordered:

  1. Corona Beer x 3 = 350 x 3 = 1050
  2. Large Non Veg Starters Platter
  3. Dal x 2 = 300 x 2 = 600
  4. Nan x 5 = 95 x 5 = 475
  5. Chichen Makhni

In all we paid 5000/- for this meal for 5. Of course we could have gone to Dum Phukt and ordered the Dal from Bukhara, but we found out that Dum Phukt won't allow my 3 month daughter in their establishment. Bukhara had no problems with it.

Next time around, I think we will not order the large non veg starters platter. It seems like a waste of money if you are not into all kinds of meat.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Thai in Delhi

Bangkok remains my choice for Thai food in Delhi. Even though their soups are avoidable and their curries too spicy, the pahd thai preparation keeps bringing me back to this establishment.

We ordered the following items last week:
  1. Pahd Thai
  2. Red Curry Chicken
  3. Plain Rice
This meal for two set us back by Rs. 520/-

I have vowed never to eat Thai and Chinese at Berco's. They have no clue as to what they are doing. They continue to put in too much lemongrass in all their Thai items and claim that that is how Thai food is supposed to taste!

I would have believed them had I not known better.