Sunday, September 12, 2004


We went to Bukhara last night.

We got in at 7:50PM. Got our table at 8:50PM and were out of the restaurant by 10:00PM. It seems that it is really difficult to skip the queue at Bukhara. I did see Mr. Mehta jump the queue. He got a table for 2 in 20 minutes, when everyone else had to wait for 50m - 1 hr to get a table.

Clearly he had a good relation with the usher.

We were 5 and we ordered:

  1. Corona Beer x 3 = 350 x 3 = 1050
  2. Large Non Veg Starters Platter
  3. Dal x 2 = 300 x 2 = 600
  4. Nan x 5 = 95 x 5 = 475
  5. Chichen Makhni

In all we paid 5000/- for this meal for 5. Of course we could have gone to Dum Phukt and ordered the Dal from Bukhara, but we found out that Dum Phukt won't allow my 3 month daughter in their establishment. Bukhara had no problems with it.

Next time around, I think we will not order the large non veg starters platter. It seems like a waste of money if you are not into all kinds of meat.

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