Monday, March 14, 2011

The Aman

A friend and I had a fantastic Thai meal at the Aman multicuisine restaurant last week. The restaurant is really elegant and quiet and private, which is what makes Aman a truly magnificent hotel in Delhi. Surprisingly and encouragingly the food prices are nothing like the room prices, which are upwards of $500/night.

We started with a 400/- Tom Kha soup and shared a 600/- thai curry. We also ordered fried rice and jasmine rice. All in all the food was excellent. The service impeccable. While the menu at the Aman is limited,  I highly recommend it over Spice Route at the Imperial hotel, especially if you are looking for a change.

After the meal, we walked around the quiet confines of the hotel and had a nice discussion. All in all a surprisingly affordable and memorable evening and in an extremely expensive hotel.

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