Sunday, October 17, 2004

Park Balluchi

Park Balluchi
Inside Deer Park,
Hauz Khas Village,
ND: 16
Ph: 26859369, 26969829

So, the family of five and a half people ate at Park Balluchi on 16/10/04. It was a great meal. Clearly the best Indian meal I have had in a long time.

I want to say that Park Balluchi is probably the best Indian restaurant in Delhi right now. I think there food is innovative and tasty. They are a great value for money. Here are some things that stood out:

  1. Paneer Harra: Delicious Paneer Pikka sandwich with corn, spinach, herb etc used as a filling
  2. N. H. Gulbahar: Fabulous besan dish. The besan had a texture of paneer and the gravy was really tasty. Paneer like Besan triangles were nothing like I have ever tasted before and I will go back just for these
  3. Stuffed Kulcha, Lacchedar Paratha and the Garlin Naan were all fantastic.
The only think that did not stand out was the Dal. They do not have Dal Makhni.. and quite frankly I am fed up of having Dal Makhni everytime, everywhere. As much as I like it, I think I am done with Dal Makhni for atleast 2 months. Here is the cost analysis:

  1. Paneer Harra: 160/-
  2. Reshmi Kabab: 220/-
  3. Palak Sabz M: 150/-
  4. N. H. Gulbahar: 160/-
  5. Dal Mohani: 120/-
  6. Aloo Kulcha : 70/-
  7. Garlin Naan: 75/-
  8. P'wari Naan: 35/-
  9. Tnd. Paratha: 35/-
  10. Tax: 8%
Total: 1144.80 for a meal for 5 people. It would have been less than 200/- per person had we avoided the Reshmi Kabab.

It was sad to see that Park Balluchi had done away with the really romantic huts outside. The huts were really private and fun. I guess it wasn't providing them with enough revenue so they converted the 3 stand alone huts to a large sitting area with 6 tables.